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Create better connected products with iRobo automated testing

To Whom?

For our customers/partners

  • If you are looking for an automated testing solution that is easier to integrate and scale
  • If your products would need 24/7 uninterrupted automated testing rounds
  • If you wish to test your apps, devices non-intrusively (the way a human would test)
  • If you desire a solution that is platform independent

And most importantly, you care for Quality Test Products.


What can be tested?

Pretty much any devices, with any OS platforms
(Android/iOS/Linux/ARM/Windows) that has touch screens, buttons, switches etc.


  • Example: Car-infotainment screens, Smart Phones, Smart Watches, Printers, Patient Monitors, Forest Machine Control Systems etc.


  • Apps testing for all major platforms
    (Android/iOS/Linux/Windows etc.)

How do you benefit?

  • Product R&D and Test Cycle gets faster, leading to timely delivery of the products
  • Our robots run 24/7 without break, enabling test repeatability and improved quality
  • One time setup, easily scalable even within confined spaces
  • Saves your time and cost right from the beginning (from the day of installation)
  • Work remotely (add tests, and get your device tested over cloud virtually from anywhere )

iRobo Smart

  • Portable, light weight: 5-7 Kg
  • Fast, accuracy: 0.2mm repeatability
  • Scalable setup to desired dimensions
  • Supports Python3
  • Optimized and enhanced Image Recognition
  • Secondary Camera for capturing the proceedings

iRobo Advanced

  • Gestures guided with AI and deep learning
  • Portable, light weight: 7-9 kg
  • Scalable, fits in racks and small cabinets
  • Supports Python3
  • Optimized and enhanced Image Recognition
  • Secondary Camera for capturing the proceedings

Package for solutions include:

Hardware kit

  • Robotic Arm
  • Camera Unit
  • Calibrated Camera Stand
  • Aluminium coated ionised platform (breadboard)
  • Shock absorbing feet(s)
  • Industrial device holders


Software Kit

  • Software Interface with Test API
  • Camera and Robot Calibration Tools
  • Documentation manual

Model Based Testing

Testing technique where test cases are generated automatically on the fly, without need of writing test cases separately.

Models are the expected behaviour of the device under test and can be used to represent the testing strategy.

Model Based Testing

How Does It Work?

Simple 3 steps:

  1. Create model
  2. Visualize model with model based testing tool
  3. Get the test cases generated automatically and happy testing!

The tool allows to adjust different heuristics and test conditions resulting in increased test coverage.


  • Improved Test Coverage
  • Early defect detection
  • Increase in defect count
  • Time savings
  • Visualization of what path has been tested and what produced the bug
  • Exact repeatability of testing the path that incurred most of the bugs

More details on Model Based Testing >>

Contact us and our expert will help you to integrate a Model Based Test automation system in your test pipeline.

Do we have your interest?

Or if you have any questions, please write or give us a call.
We are at your service and our experts will contact back to you soon.

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