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Leading the future of software testing



Create better connected products with iRobo automated testing

iRobo Smart

Automated testing solution with robotic arm and machine vision

iRobo Advanced

Advanced testing solution utilizing AI features

Model Based Testing

Model Based
Test Automation Tool

Recent Customer feedback


“iRobo solution is able to integrate well with our Automation framework and has allowed us to automate test cases that were previously not possible. The iRobo solution is flexible and can control multiple devices (Infotainment and Phone) seamlessly.

The solution has helped us reduce FACETS test cycle time by 25%.

I thank the Infiniteq team for excellent support during installation and initial set up phase.”


Global Certification Manager
for Smart Phone Integration Technologies (Infotainment)

Bosch Global Software Technologies Pvt. Limited

Infiniteq Systems Ltd.
Hermiankatu 6-8 G, 33720 Tampere, Finland
Business ID: 2986945-5

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